The place of businesses in addressing Climate Change

climate change

Climate change is described as the change in global or regional climate patterns, recently witnessed in the latter part of the 20th century to date and is attributed to increased levels of atmospheric carbon (iv) oxide. It has become a global concern that needs all of the sectors of human civilization to address it, including businesses. It has environmental, social, political, and economic consequences.

With temperature changes and unpredictable weather; studies have revealed that income reduces with a rise in the effects of climate change. This goes to show that businesses will face never seen before challenges because of the impact of climate change. How to address this starts by businesses acknowledging that there is a problem that needs solving.

Business leaders can help reduce the effects of climate change by; spearheading innovation in the search of new materials, services, and solutions, ensuring their production processes are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Businesses should have more efficient conversion and obtaining raw materials, effective training and investment in human capital, reducing waste, and invest in campaigns that help address issues of climate change.

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