Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

It is no mere fate to explain the impact of cloud computing consulting. Hardly a few years since its inception, it has formed from a fancy technological advancement to an essential element of digital transformation. Regardless of it being a household, not everyone understands it well. BrookeWealth Global, LLC has worked with nearly 45 companies, across many industries, to integrate cloud opportunities for product development, and go-to-market strategies, M&A opportunities, investment decisions, and more.

We work with established and next-generation technology companies on cloud strategies that will propel their growth and help their clients succeed; with financial sponsors who must determine the impact of cloud on current or potential investments; and with CIOs and CTOs who are leveraging the cloud to enhance the way IT services are delivered.

 Recent Impacts of Cloud Computing consulting on the Business

With the growth of cloud computing technology, the disruptions across the complementary industries are visible. Discussing their impacts, the business world has undergone a metamorphosis.

  • Scalability: Businesses need not stack up the servers in their office spaces. Having new providers like Amazon Azure ensures that companies can change their usage of space. The scalability often helps in saving cost, since if the organizations need less space, they can pay less. The flexibility provided increases the profit margins of the business.


  •  Effective customer service: Customer service has become highly enriched with cloud computing consulting. The times of customer service where one person had to work 24/7 on the phone have faded. With cloud technology, the era for 24-hour customer support has arrived. With the increasing demand of the consumers to have an answer even at 1 am, it is very obvious. This is when cloud services come to help. They provide a large collection of information within the flexible systems that employees can use anytime. 


  • Working from home: It was not as simple in the late 1990s to telecommute. The working from home was because of the growth of cloud computing. Through this, the data and the important information gets shared on the cloud. They can access it from anywhere, which enables the employees to work from their homes. As high as 43% of Americans prefer to work from home in 2019. Now, getting work done is no longer a bigger challenge for the employees. 


  • Top-notch security: The security provided by the services are excellent. If the organizations need to have big clients like Toyota, they need to have services that don’t get compromised. The data involved is highly confidential. It demands an excellent security system that can only you can avail through cloud computing services.


How can BrookeWealth Global improve your business?


  • Hiring BrookeWealth Global to assist in the development of cloud computing for your business can help to increase the productivity of the organization. As much as 45% of the productivity of the organizations has improved over time, after integrating cloud computing. With the flexibility in the working environment reaching close to 40%, They say it leaves a lasting impact on employee morale.


  •  The increase of agility, flexibility and improved performance are the reasons your business must have cloud technology. 


  •  We shall ensure the smooth adaptation of the cloud technology in your organization. With the experienced and skilled consultants in this updated technology, we ensure maximum customer profitability and satisfaction. 


Here are 3 ways how BrookeWealth Global will add value to your business:


  • Adaption of the technology: While starting a new technology within the system, its adaptation becomes important. The firm has the approach of educating its clients about the importance of technology. Through tested results, feedback and educating the employees, our consultants ensure that the best technology becomes the spine of your organization.


  • Increase of profitability: The consultants have a rich experience of serving major clients in the business. With their motive to increase the profitability and bottom line, they provide a holistic service. Our consultants understand the client and provide a flexible solution as per the client.


  • Migration to the Cloud: Having technical knowledge about legal and technical architecture becomes important. This comes only with our in-house experienced consultants that have been the change managers for various clients. 


Transition into the domain of cloud technology can be challenging. Yet with the best services of BrookeWealth Global, we ensure that your business follows the trend of technological advancements. Eventually, it becomes important to stay with the trend to reap the maximum benefits.

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